What is the format for a play script? [2023]

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Are you planning to write a play script but don't know the format? Do you want to learn how to write and format a play script for your next school play? Look no further! In this article, our team of expert teachers and educators at School Play Scripts™ will guide you on the standard format and details you need to create a great play script.

Standard Structure of a Play Script

A play script has a standard structure that includes the following elements:

Act and Scene

A play script is divided into acts and scenes. Acts represent the major divisions of the play while scenes indicate the divisions within each act. Each act and scene are numbered and placed at the top-center part of the page.

Cast of Characters

The cast of characters lists all the characters in the play script and provides a short description of each character. This section is placed after the acts and scene description.

Stage Directions

Stage directions are notes included in a script to give directions to the actors. These notes may include actions, movement, and sound effects. Stage directions are written in italics and enclosed in parentheses.


Dialogue is the spoken words of the characters in the script. The dialogue should be centered on the page, with the characters' names in all caps before the dialogue.

Character Cues

Character cues are used to indicate when a character is about to speak or take an action. Character cues are placed before the dialogue.

Tips on How to Format a Play Script

The following tips will guide you on how to format a play script.

Font and Spacing

A play script should be written in 12-point Courier or Courier New font. The entire play script should be double-spaced, including the stage directions, character names, and dialogue.

Page Numbers

Page numbers should appear at the top right corner of the page, starting with the number one on the first page.


The standard margin for a play script is one inch on all sides.

Cover Page

The cover page should contain the play's title, author name, contact information, and copyright information centered in the middle of the page.

Headers and Footers

The header contains the play's title and author name, while the footer contains the page numbers.

Revision Marks

If you need to make changes to your script, use revision marks. Revision marks show what was added to or removed from the original text.

What Are the 5 Basic Elements of a Play Script?

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The five basic elements of a play script are acts, scenes, cast of characters, dialogue, and stage directions. Each of these elements is essential to creating a great play script.

How Do You Write a Play Script?

Writing a play script involves a few key steps. Firstly, you should have an idea and create an outline. This outline should contain each act and scene, the cast of characters, and rough dialogue. Secondly, start writing the script by developing each act and scene in detail. Thirdly, edit and revise your work for grammar and content. Finally, ask for feedback and make changes based on that feedback.

What is the Spacing for Play Script Format?

The spacing for play script format is double-spaced. This means that the entire script, including dialogue, stage directions, and character names, should be written with double line spacing.

  • The standard font for a play script is Courier or Courier New.
  • The spacing for a play script is double-spaced.
  • Play script titles should be centered and in all capital letters.
  • The cast of characters should include a short description of each character.
  • Stage directions are written in italics and enclosed in parentheses.

Writing a play script is an exciting task that requires a clear understanding of its format. In this article, we have provided you with essential guidelines to help you get started on writing and formatting a great play script. Remember to follow the standard structure, format, and tips provided, and don't forget to ask for feedback to make your script excellent.

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