Where Can I Find Full Plays for Free? [2023]

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If you're on the hunt for free full plays, you came to the right place. In this article, we'll guide you through the best websites to find free plays, and where you can read or download them for free. As a bonus, we'll also include some quick tips and facts for your convenience.

Where Can I Watch Full Plays Online?

Thanks to the power of the internet, streaming full plays is now possible. Several websites offer access to full-length plays, all for free. Here are some of the most popular websites:

1. National Theatre at Home

The National Theatre at Home offers a selection of free full plays in high definition. Available plays include "Frankenstein," starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and "Treasure Island," among others.

2. PBS Great Performances

PBS Great Performances offers a wide range of full plays to watch for free, including documentaries of theater-making.

3. Broadway HD

Broadway HD offers a 7-day trial period to watch full-length plays, both classic and modern. Plays include "Cats," "The Sound of Music," and "The King and I."

4. Shakespeare's Globe

Shakespeare's Globe's website offers several plays for streaming, including "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Romeo and Juliet."

Where is the Best Place to Read Plays Online?

If you prefer reading plays, here are some websites that offer free online play scripts.

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a platform that offers free e-books. You can browse their selection of plays, which includes classics like "Hamlet," "Othello," and "Macbeth."

2. Playscripts.com

Playscripts.com offers hundreds of free play scripts you can read online, ranging from comedy to drama. Some popular plays include "The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet" and "The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon."

3. Internet Archive

Internet Archive offers access to an extensive collection of texts, including plays from various genres. You can easily search for plays you're interested in and find them in downloadable formats like PDF and EPUB.

4. New Play Exchange

New Play Exchange is a searchable database with an extensive collection of new plays by contemporary playwrights. Although not all plays are free, you can easily filter your search to find the ones that are.

Where can I Download Play Scripts?

If you prefer downloading a play script to read it later, there are several websites that offer free and legal downloads.

1. The Gutenberg Project

The Gutenberg Project not only offers free e-books, but it also has a sizeable collection of play scripts that you can download in various formats.

2. Free Drama

Free Drama is an online platform that offers a wide variety of plays that you can download for free, from classics to contemporary plays.

3. Samuel French

Samuel French is one of the oldest play publishers in America. While not all of their plays are free, they offer a selection of free plays that you can download from their website.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Always make sure that the website you're accessing is legal and safe to use. Some websites may contain fraudulent content that can harm your device or download malware.

  • When searching for free plays, don't forget to check out the websites of theaters near you. Some of them may offer free access to recordings of past performances or play scripts.

  • If you're looking for a specific play, it's always a good idea to check out various resources. Different websites may have different versions of the same play.

  • If you're not in a rush to read or watch a certain play, you can sign up for websites' newsletters or follow them on social media. They may announce free plays or promotional deals that you wouldn't want to miss out on.


In conclusion, thanks to the internet, finding free full plays is now easier than ever. There are several websites and resources that offer access to hundreds of plays, both classic and modern, all for free. Whether you prefer to read or watch plays, we hope that this guide was helpful in your search. If you have any additional tips or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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