Where Can I Find the Script for a Play? [2023]

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Looking for the script for a play? You’ve come to the right place! At School Play Scripts™, we specialize in providing a wide range of play scripts for schools and educational institutions. Whether you need a script for an adapted literature play, a children’s theatre production, or a high school drama performance, we’ve got you covered. Find the perfect script for your next school play at School Play Scripts™.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Play scripts can be found in various formats, including digital scripts and print collections.
  • Libraries and online platforms are excellent resources for finding play scripts.
  • Be sure to check copyright restrictions before performing a play.

UNCSA Collections

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) has an extensive collection of play scripts available for research purposes. While these scripts may not be available for performance, they can provide valuable insights and inspiration for your own productions. Visit the UNCSA Archives to explore their collections.

Digital Scripts

Digital scripts are a convenient option for schools and theatre groups. They can be easily accessed and distributed to cast and crew members. Many online platforms offer a wide selection of digital scripts, including popular plays and lesser-known works. Some platforms even provide additional resources such as character breakdowns and production notes. Check out the selection of digital scripts on Amazon to find the perfect script for your next school play.

Searching the Library’s Print Collections

Local libraries often have a collection of play scripts available for borrowing. You can search the library’s catalog using keywords such as “play scripts,” “drama,” or specific play titles. If a particular script is not available, consider requesting an interlibrary loan.

Interlibrary Loan

If your local library does not have the script you need, you can request it through interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan allows you to borrow materials from other libraries within a network. Contact your librarian for more information on how to request play scripts through interlibrary loan.

Free Scripts on the Web

The internet is a treasure trove of free play scripts. Many playwrights and theatre organizations make their scripts available for free online. While these scripts may not be as well-known as commercial plays, they offer a great opportunity for students and amateur theatre groups to explore new works. Here are a few websites where you can find free play scripts:

Adapted Literature Scripts

Adapted literature scripts are a popular choice for school plays. These scripts are based on well-known books and novels, making them a great way to engage students in literature. School Play Scripts™ offers a variety of adapted literature scripts, including classics like “Alice in Wonderland” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Shop for adapted literature scripts on School Play Scripts™.

Children’s Theatre Scripts

Children’s theatre scripts are specifically written for young audiences. They often feature vibrant characters, interactive elements, and educational themes. School Play Scripts™ has a wide selection of children’s theatre scripts, suitable for elementary and middle school performances. Browse the collection of children’s theatre scripts on School Play Scripts™.

Drama and Theatre Lesson Plans

In addition to play scripts, School Play Scripts™ offers drama and theatre lesson plans. These comprehensive resources provide educators with everything they need to teach drama and theatre arts in the classroom. Each lesson plan includes activities, exercises, and suggested scripts for performance. Explore the drama and theatre lesson plans on School Play Scripts™.

Educational Play Scripts

Educational play scripts are designed to teach important lessons and values to students. These scripts often address social issues, historical events, or scientific concepts. School Play Scripts™ offers a range of educational play scripts, covering topics such as bullying, environmental conservation, and diversity. Find educational play scripts on School Play Scripts™.

Elementary School Plays

Elementary school plays are a fun way to introduce young students to the world of theatre. School Play Scripts™ offers a variety of plays specifically written for elementary school performances. These plays feature age-appropriate themes, characters, and dialogue. Discover elementary school plays on School Play Scripts™.

English Learning Drama Scripts

Drama scripts can be a valuable tool for English language learners. Performing plays allows students to practice their language skills, improve pronunciation, and build confidence. School Play Scripts™ offers a selection of drama scripts specifically written for English learning purposes. Check out the English learning drama scripts on School Play Scripts™.

High School Drama Scripts

High school drama scripts are often more complex and challenging, allowing students to explore deeper themes and emotions. School Play Scripts™ offers a wide range of high school drama scripts, including contemporary plays, classic works, and original scripts. Explore high school drama scripts on School Play Scripts™.

Musical Scripts for Schools

Musicals are a popular choice for school productions, combining acting, singing, and dancing. School Play Scripts™ offers a selection of musical scripts specifically written for schools. These scripts feature catchy songs, engaging storylines, and opportunities for student collaboration. Find musical scripts for schools on School Play Scripts™.

Original Play Scripts

Original play scripts offer a unique opportunity for schools to showcase their creativity. School Play Scripts™ features a collection of original play scripts written by talented playwrights. These scripts cover a variety of genres and themes, allowing schools to find the perfect script for their unique needs. Shop for original play scripts on School Play Scripts™.

Playwriting Tips for Students

Encourage students to explore their creativity and develop their own play scripts with the help of playwriting tips. School Play Scripts™ offers a range of resources and articles on playwriting for students. These resources cover topics such as character development, plot structure, and dialogue. Check out the playwriting tips for students on School Play Scripts™.


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What is the script for a play called?

The script for a play is simply called a “play script.” It includes the dialogue, stage directions, and other instructions for the actors and production team.

How do you get a play script published?

Getting a play script published typically involves finding a literary agent or submitting directly to publishing companies that specialize in play scripts. It’s important to follow submission guidelines and be prepared for potential revisions and edits.

How much does a theatre script cost?

The cost of a theatre script can vary greatly depending on factors such as the popularity of the play, the licensing fees, and whether it’s a digital or print version. Prices can range from a few dollars for a digital script to several hundred dollars for a professional production script.

What is a script for a Broadway play called?

A script for a Broadway play is typically referred to as a “Broadway script” or a “stage script.” These scripts are specifically written for performances on Broadway and often undergo extensive development and revisions before reaching the stage.

Can I find play scripts on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon offers a wide selection of play scripts in both digital and print formats. You can find scripts for various genres and age groups on Amazon. Check out the collection of play scripts on Amazon.


Finding the script for a play is easier than ever with the multitude of resources available online and in libraries. From digital scripts to print collections, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an adapted literature script, a children’s theatre play, or a high school drama script, School Play Scripts™ has you covered. Discover the perfect script for your next school play on School Play Scripts™.

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